Lovlina Borgohain vs Li Qian: Battle for Asian Games Gold in Women’s Boxing Final

In a highly anticipated showdown at the Asian Games, Indian boxer Lovlina Borgohain will go head-to-head against China’s Li Qian in the women’s 75kg boxing final. This clash between two formidable opponents promises to be a thrilling battle for the gold medal. With Borgohain's impressive form and Li's experience as a former world champion, fans can expect a fierce and captivating display of boxing skills. Get ready to witness this exciting faceoff between these elite athletes!

The Background of the Bout - Clash for the Gold

Find out about the journey of both boxers and the significance of this fight in determining the Asian Games gold medalist in women's 75kg boxing.

Lovlina Borgohain, an Olympic medallist and world champion, is ready to battle it out with Li Qian, a former world champion, in the final of the women’s 75kg category at the Asian Games.

The encounter between Borgohain and Li carries great significance as it will determine the Asian Games gold medallist in this weight class. Both boxers have put in tremendous effort to reach this stage, and the final will be a test of their skills, resilience, and determination.

A Rematch of the World Championships Semi-final

Learn about their previous encounter, where Lovlina Borgohain emerged victorious and clinched the gold medal in the world championships.

The final in the Asian Games is a rematch of the semi-final bout in the world championships held in New Delhi, where Borgohain and Li faced off.

In a thrilling clash, Borgohain came out on top with a 4:1 split decision victory, securing the gold medal. This historic win has undoubtedly added an extra layer of anticipation to their upcoming encounter in the Asian Games final.

Battle of Experienced Contenders

Discover the accomplishments and expertise of both Lovlina Borgohain and Li Qian, two highly skilled boxers aiming for their first Asian Games gold medal.

Lovlina Borgohain, an Olympic medallist and former world champion, has made a seamless transition from the 69kg category to 75kg after the removal of the 69kg division from the Paris 2024 Olympics.

On the other hand, Li Qian boasts a remarkable resume as a former world champion and a two-time Asian champion. Despite her honors, a gold medal at the Asian Games has eluded her so far.

Both boxers bring a wealth of experience to the table, and their encounter promises to be an intriguing clash between accomplished contenders.

Road to the Final - Impressive Performances

Explore the impressive journeys of Lovlina Borgohain and Li Qian, highlighting their victories on the path to the Asian Games final.

Lovlina Borgohain showcased exceptional skill and determination en route to the final. With a quarter-final victory over Suyeon Seong and a resounding win in the semi-final against Thailand’s Baison Maneekon, she has earned her spot in the gold medal clash.

Li Qian overcame formidable opponents as well, securing her place in the final. A standout win against Vietnam’s Luu Diem Quynh in the semi-final showcased her prowess and sets the stage for an electrifying battle for the gold medal in the Asian Games.

Historical Rivalry and Determined Quest for Gold

Learn about the past rivalry between Lovlina Borgohain and Li Qian, and witness their intense quest for a coveted Asian Games gold medal.

The upcoming Asian Games final adds another chapter to the thrilling rivalry between Borgohain and Li. Their previous encounter saw Borgohain emerging triumphant and capturing the gold medal.

Now, with the Asian Games gold medal at stake, they both step into the ring again, driven by their hunger for victory and eager to prove themselves as the best in the 75kg division.


The highly anticipated showdown between Lovlina Borgohain and Li Qian in the women’s 75kg boxing final at the Asian Games promises to be a spectacle of skill, determination, and heated competition. As both boxers vie for the coveted gold medal, their previous encounters and impressive journeys to the final have intensified the stakes in this epic clash.

This final not only showcases the talents of Borgohain and Li, but it also represents the culmination of their lifelong dedication and passion for the sport. While only one can emerge as the Asian Games champion, both women have already made history with their remarkable achievements.

Grab your popcorn and get ready to witness an unforgettable bout as these two formidable boxers square off in a battle for Asian Games gold. Lovers of the sweet science won't want to miss a single punch!


Q: Has Lovlina Borgohain faced Li Qian before?

A: Yes, Borgohain and Li clashed previously in the semi-final of the world championships in New Delhi, with Borgohain emerging victorious and securing the gold medal.

Q: What are Lovlina Borgohain and Li Qian's accomplishments?

A: Lovlina Borgohain is an Olympic medallist and former world champion, while Li Qian is a former world champion and two-time Asian champion. Both boxers have achieved great success in their careers.

Q: What is at stake in the women's 75kg boxing final at the Asian Games?

A: In the final, both boxers will battle it out for the Asian Games gold medal in the highly competitive women's 75kg weight category. The result of this final will determine the champion in this event.

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