WarioWare: Move It - A Spirited Successor to Smooth Moves Launching Soon!

Join me, content writer Emma Baker, as we delve into the highly anticipated release of WarioWare: Move It. Nintendo has delivered a remarkable successor to its Wii predecessor, Smooth Moves. Prepare to embark on an electrifying journey filled with cheeky jokes and innovative gameplay on November third!

Reviving the WarioWare Legacy

Experience the return of WarioWare: Move It and rekindle the magic that made Smooth Moves such a hit.

WarioWare: Move It is a highly anticipated spiritual successor to the iconic WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Building upon the charm and crude humor that defined its predecessor, Move It reinvents the innovative gameplay and delivers exhilarating mini-game challenges like never before.

Are you ready to dive back into the delightful world of WarioWare? Strap on your Joy-Cons, because Move It is set to make a grand entrance on November third, and it's a journey you won't want to miss!

Innovative Forms and Joy-Con Possibilities

Discover the game's unique gimmick called Forms and the exciting control options it offers.

Remember the thrill of finding creative ways to hold the Wii Remote in Smooth Moves? Well, in WarioWare: Move It, Nintendo introduces Forms, a mechanic that takes full advantage of the versatile Joy-Cons. Get ready to twist, stretch, and squat your way through a myriad of mini-games!

With Forms like Squat, which has you holding the Joy-Cons on your thighs to mimic sitting down, or Choo Choo, where you'll hold them by your side, emulating a train conductor, the possibilities for interactive and hilarious gameplay are endless!

An Exciting Story Mode and Challenging Party Mode

Take on the story mode's engaging challenges and test your skills in the thrilling Party Mode.

Embark on a riveting adventure through WarioWare: Move It's story mode. Play through rounds of captivating mini-games before facing off against a formidable final boss. Get ready for unexpected twists and humorous surprises!

If that's not enough, Party Mode introduces Galactic Conquest, a board game full of exhilarating challenges. Beware, though, as the game's board can throw unexpected obstacles and extend itself right when you think you're about to win. Can you conquer the board and emerge victorious?

The Perfect Fit for the Nintendo Switch

Discover why WarioWare: Move It is an ideal game for Nintendo Switch and how it outshines previous entries.

With its innovative and interactive gameplay, WarioWare: Move It feels like a match made in gaming heaven for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike its predecessors, like 1-2-Switch, Move It strikes a balance between showcasing the console's capabilities and delivering a captivating gaming experience.

After experiencing WarioWare: Move It firsthand, it becomes evident that this delightful game could singlehandedly bring WarioWare back to its former glory. The long wait was worth it, as Move It showcases the best the series has to offer!


Get ready to dive back into the zany world of WarioWare with the upcoming release of WarioWare: Move It. This exciting successor to Smooth Moves brings back the beloved charm and innovative gameplay features that made the franchise standout. With its unique Forms mechanic and hilarious Joy-Con possibilities, WarioWare: Move It promises to deliver hours of exhilarating entertainment.

Experience the captivating story mode and take on the thrilling challenges of Party Mode's Galactic Conquest. This game is the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch, showcasing the console's capabilities in the best way possible. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of Wario's exciting new adventure. Mark your calendars for November 3, 2023, and prepare to Move It!

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