Transforming BIG Festival into Gamescom Latam: A Game-Changing Move in Latin America's Gaming Industry

The BIG Festival, one of Latin America's largest independent gaming events, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. In a surprising move, it is becoming Gamescom Latam, the Latin edition of the world's biggest gaming event. I had the privilege of speaking with Gustavo Steinberg, CEO of the BIG Festival and now Gamescom Latam, to delve into the motivations behind this change and explore the organizers' vision for the future of the gaming industry in the region. Join me as we uncover the natural evolution, the growing focus on independent developers, and the commitment to putting games at the forefront of Gamescom Latam.

The Natural Evolution of BIG Festival

Explore the journey of BIG Festival and its transformation into Gamescom Latam, and the motivations behind this evolution.

Transforming BIG Festival into Gamescom Latam: A Game-Changing Move in Latin America's Gaming Industry - -1851351412

The BIG Festival, a prominent independent gaming event in Latin America, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. As part of its natural evolution, the festival has now joined forces with the Omelete Company, the organizer of CCXP, to become Gamescom Latam. This transformation was driven by the desire to bring growth and relevance to the region's gaming industry on a global scale.

Gustavo Steinberg, CEO of the BIG Festival and now Gamescom Latam, emphasized that this change was not obligatory but rather a result of aligning plans and seizing opportunities. The partnership with the Omelete Company allows Gamescom Latam to maintain its strong focus on independent developers while expanding its presence in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Empowering Independent Developers

Discover how Gamescom Latam continues to prioritize independent developers and provide them with a platform to showcase their projects.

Despite the transformation into Gamescom Latam, the event's core focus on independent developers remains unwavering. Gustavo Steinberg assures that the exposure and support for indies will only grow stronger. Drawing inspiration from CCXP's success with the Artist's Alley, Gamescom Latam aims to create a similar environment where indies take center stage.

Indie developers can expect a vibrant and thriving space within Gamescom Latam, where they can network, showcase their projects, and connect with industry professionals. This commitment to independent developers will contribute to the growth and relevance of the gaming industry in Latin America.

Gamescom Latam: A Global Showcase

Learn how Gamescom Latam plans to shine a spotlight on games made in the region and transform them into global announcements.

Gamescom Latam aims to emulate the success of its German counterpart by showcasing not only international titles but also games made in the region. The event presents an opportunity for local studios to gain visibility and recognition alongside major publishers such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

Gustavo Steinberg envisions turning regional games into major global announcements, highlighting the talent and creativity of Latin American developers. While the availability of publishers plays a role, Gamescom Latam is actively engaging in conversations to make this vision a reality.

Putting Games at the Forefront

Discover how Gamescom Latam prioritizes gaming content and aims to give visibility to titles, studios, and creators.

In recent years, gaming events have often become centered around influencers and personalities rather than the games themselves. However, Gamescom Latam takes a different approach. Gustavo Steinberg emphasizes that the focus will always be on electronic gaming content.

While Gamescom Latam welcomes partner influencers, their primary goal is to create content that highlights the games themselves. By giving visibility to titles, studios, and creators, Gamescom Latam ensures that the gaming experience remains at the forefront of the event.

Exciting Future Prospects

Explore the exciting prospects and future announcements that Gamescom Latam holds for the gaming industry in Latin America.

Gamescom Latam is set to revolutionize the gaming industry in Latin America by providing a platform for growth, visibility, and collaboration. The event promises to bring exciting announcements, partnerships, and opportunities for both developers and gamers alike.

As Gamescom Latam continues to evolve and expand, it aims to establish itself as a global gaming hub, attracting international attention and fostering the growth of the regional gaming industry. Stay tuned for more news and updates as Gamescom Latam prepares to take Latin America's gaming scene to new heights.

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