Wishes for the Video Game Industry in 2024

2023 was a year of highs and lows for the computer and video game industry. As we look ahead to 2024, there are three wishes that we hope will shape the future. Join me, Emma Baker, as we delve into the hopes and desires for the video game industry. From reducing layoffs to improving game optimization and eliminating early access fees, let's explore the challenges and aspirations for the year ahead.

Wish 1: Fewer Layoffs, Fewer Closures

Addressing the issue of mass layoffs and studio closures in the video game industry.

Wishes for the Video Game Industry in 2024 - -970123499

In 2023, the video game industry experienced a wave of mass layoffs and studio closures, leaving many employees in a state of uncertainty. This trend was fueled by factors such as declining consumer spending, reduced investments, and rising production costs. Unfortunately, it is often the developers, community managers, and quality testers who bear the brunt of these layoffs, while executives remain relatively secure in their positions.

As we look to 2024, one of the key wishes for the industry is to see a reduction in these layoffs and closures. It is crucial for companies to prioritize the well-being and job security of their employees, finding alternative solutions to navigate the challenges and financial pressures they face. By fostering a more stable and supportive environment, the industry can thrive and continue to deliver innovative and engaging experiences.

Wish 2: More Optimization, More Finished Games

Improving game optimization and ensuring the release of fully polished and complete games.

In 2023, gamers faced numerous issues with released games, ranging from technical glitches to missing features. This lack of optimization and polish detracted from the overall gaming experience. As we enter 2024, it is essential for developers to prioritize game optimization and deliver fully finished products.

By investing in thorough testing and bug fixing, developers can ensure that games run smoothly, providing players with immersive and enjoyable experiences. Additionally, addressing the practice of releasing games with missing features or rushed development timelines is crucial. Players deserve complete and polished games that live up to their expectations.

Wish 3: No Early Access for a Fee

Eliminating the trend of charging for early access to games.

In recent years, the practice of charging for early access to games has become increasingly prevalent. This marketing strategy allows players to pay for the privilege of playing a game before its official release date. However, this trend has raised concerns among gamers.

In 2024, it is our hope that the industry moves away from this practice and focuses on delivering complete games to players at the time of release. Early access should be reserved for testing and gathering feedback, rather than as a means of generating additional revenue. By prioritizing the satisfaction of players and delivering fully developed games, the industry can build trust and loyalty among its audience.

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