Unveiling Nathzz: The Mobile Legends Pro with an Unusual Hobby

In the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Nathanael “Nathzz” Estrologo is renowned for his exceptional skills as an EXP laner. But there's more to Nathzz than meets the eye. In an exclusive interview, we delve into his extraordinary hobby that sets him apart from other esports stars. Join us as we explore Nathzz's spider collection journey and uncover how his teammates reacted when he introduced his arachnid companions to their gaming house.

Nathzz's Fascination with Spiders

Discover how Nathzz's childhood fascination with spiders led to his unique hobby

From a young age, Nathzz has been captivated by the world of spiders. His curiosity and fascination with these eight-legged creatures sparked a unique hobby that sets him apart from other esports stars.

As we delve into Nathzz's spider collection journey, we uncover the origins of his fascination and how it all began during his childhood. Join us as we explore the intriguing connection between Nathzz and his arachnid companions.

The Spider-Collecting Mission

Embark on a mission with Nathzz and Aqua to build their spider collection

It all started with a proposal from Nathzz's teammate, Aqua. Intrigued by the idea, they embarked on a mission to purchase spiders online and build their collection.

Join us as we follow Nathzz's journey through spider-related groups and online platforms, where he searched for places to buy these arachnids. Discover the challenges and excitement they faced as they acquired a staggering 150 small spiders and sought out more unique and expensive species.

Teammates' Reactions and Coach's Fright

Uncover how Nathzz's teammates reacted to his spider companions

While Nathzz's teammates appreciated the added company of his spider collection, their coach, Panda, and manager Lexie had mixed reactions. Nathzz shares his mischievous delight in how he managed to frighten his coach with his eight-legged friends.

Join us as we dive into the amusing anecdotes and reactions from Nathzz's teammates, and discover how his spiders became a topic of conversation and amusement in their gaming house.

The Bittersweet Farewell

Learn about Nathzz's tough decision to release his spiders

As the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 approached, Nathzz faced a difficult choice. He had to make the tough decision to release all of his beloved spiders into the wild.

Join us as we explore the reasons behind Nathzz's decision and the emotional attachment he had to his arachnid companions. Discover his heartfelt explanation for why he couldn't leave them behind and the practical considerations that led to his bittersweet farewell.

Nathzz's Spider Collection Legacy

Reflect on Nathzz's spider collection journey and his future plans

Although Nathzz has bid farewell to his spider collection, the memories and experiences will always hold a special place in his heart. Join us as we reflect on his unique hobby and the impact it had on his life and career as a Mobile Legends pro player.

While Nathzz has no intentions of reviving his spider collecting hobby, he leaves behind a legacy of curiosity, adventure, and a reminder to embrace our passions, no matter how unusual they may seem.

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