Unleash the Power of the Labrador Retriever in theHunter: Call of the Wild DLC

Get ready to embark on an exciting hunting adventure with the upcoming Labrador Retriever DLC for theHunter: Call of the Wild. This lovable and intelligent companion will revolutionize the way you hunt, providing efficient retrieval of game and forming a strong bond with you. Available on November 28, 2023, this DLC is set to take your hunting experience to new heights.

Unleash the Labrador Retriever's Hunting Skills

Discover the Labrador Retriever's exceptional hunting abilities and how it enhances your gameplay.

The Labrador Retriever DLC introduces a new way to play theHunter: Call of the Wild. With the Labrador Retriever by your side, you can unleash its hunting skills and improve your efficiency in the game. This intelligent companion can fetch rabbits, hares, waterfowl, and upland birds on land or in water, allowing you to continue hunting without interruption.

By commanding your Labrador Retriever to retrieve specific game, you can focus on your next target while your loyal companion tirelessly brings back your harvests. This new gameplay mechanic adds a level of realism and immersion to the hunting experience, making it more enjoyable and dynamic.

Form a Strong Bond with Your Labrador Retriever

Learn how to strengthen the connection between you and your Labrador Retriever and the benefits it brings.

The Labrador Retriever is not just a hunting partner but also a loyal friend. You can enhance your bond with your Labrador Retriever by petting, giving treats, and playing together. Taking frequent hunts together will improve your efficiency and create a deeper connection between you and your faithful companion.

When it's time to head back to the lodge, you can expect your Labrador Retriever to be there, happily wagging its tail. This companionship adds an extra layer of joy and companionship to your hunting adventures in the game.

Customize Your Labrador Retriever

Personalize your Labrador Retriever with customizable options and make it truly your own.

The Labrador Retriever DLC offers various customization options for your furry companion. You can choose a name for your Labrador Retriever and select from different coat variations, making it unique and reflective of your personal style.

With the option to add multiple dogs to your roster, you can rotate them in each new hunt and have a diverse group of Labrador Retrievers accompanying you. Whether you prefer male or female pups, or want to experiment with different fur coat variations, the choice is yours to create the perfect hunting companion.

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