The Top 10 Highest-Rated GTA Games: A Journey Through the Franchise

With a trajectory of 26 years, 'Grand Theft Auto' (GTA) stands out as one of the most renowned and well-known franchises in the gaming industry. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the top 10 highest-rated GTA games according to Metacritic. From the classic GTA 2 to the groundbreaking GTA IV, we will explore the evolution of this beloved franchise and delve into the reasons behind their success.

10th - 'Grand Theft Auto 2'

Explore the peculiar classic that paved the way for the transformation of the GTA series.

The Top 10 Highest-Rated GTA Games: A Journey Through the Franchise - 530539195

'Grand Theft Auto 2' holds a special place in the franchise's history as a peculiar classic. Despite its modest score, this game played a fundamental role in paving the way for the innovation and transformation of the series. Let's delve into the roots of 'GTA 2' and its significance in the evolution of the franchise.

9th - 'Grand Theft Auto Online'

Discover the standalone success of 'GTA Online' and its impact on the gaming community.

'GTA Online' achieved immense popularity, leading to its release as a standalone game. With a dedicated page on Metacritic, this online multiplayer mode of 'GTA V' secured the ninth position on our list. Let's delve into the success and impact of 'GTA Online' and how it captivated the gaming community.

8th - 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories'

Step into the world of 'Vice City Stories' and experience the 1980s atmosphere of Vice City.

'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories' takes us back to the vibrant world of Vice City in the 1980s. Join Vince Vance, a former US Army soldier, as he navigates the world of drug trafficking. Immerse yourself in the rich narrative and experience the unique setting of this handheld console game.

7th - 'Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories'

Embark on a mobster's journey in 'Liberty City Stories' and unravel a web of intrigue.

'GTA: Liberty City Stories' takes us back to the iconic Liberty City, where we step into the shoes of mobster Toni Cipriani. Tasked with reconciling family business and dealing with rival factions, players are immersed in a world of intrigue and power struggles. Let's dive into the captivating narrative and gameplay of this handheld console gem.

6th - 'Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars'

Return to the roots of the franchise in 'Chinatown Wars' and experience the gripping tale of vengeance.

'GTA: Chinatown Wars' takes us back to the top-down perspective that defined the early days of the franchise. Join Huang Lee, a member of a Chinese gang, on his quest for vengeance in Liberty City. Experience the gripping storyline and engaging gameplay that make this game a classic within the 'GTA' series.

5th - 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'

Immerse yourself in the 1980s Miami-inspired world of 'Vice City' and its captivating storyline.

'GTA: Vice City' takes us on a journey to the vibrant and nostalgic world of 1980s Miami. Inspired by classic works like 'Scarface' and 'Miami Vice,' this game introduced us to the iconic protagonist Tommy Vercetti and his rise to power. Let's explore the captivating storyline and the unforgettable atmosphere of 'Vice City.'

4th - 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'

Uncover the greatness of 'San Andreas,' the beloved classic that captured the hearts of fans.

'GTA: San Andreas' is widely regarded as a classic and a fan favorite. With its iconic protagonist CJ and the sprawling city of Los Santos, this game enhanced the characteristic elements of the franchise and delivered an action-packed experience. Let's delve into the reasons why 'San Andreas' holds a special place in the hearts of many fans.

3rd - 'GTA III'

Witness the groundbreaking impact of 'GTA III' and its role in revolutionizing open-world gaming.

'Grand Theft Auto III' played a pivotal role in the evolution of the franchise and the open-world gaming genre as a whole. With its introduction of 3D graphics, a third-person perspective, and a rich narrative, this game set a new standard for open-world experiences. Let's explore the groundbreaking impact of 'GTA III' and its lasting legacy.

2nd - 'GTA V'

Dive into the best-selling title in the franchise, 'GTA V,' and its immersive world of Los Santos.

'Grand Theft Auto V' holds the title of the best-selling game in the 'GTA' franchise, captivating millions of players worldwide. Set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and featuring three playable protagonists, this game offers an immersive experience like no other. Let's explore the vast world of 'GTA V' and discover why it continues to be a fan favorite.

1st - 'GTA IV'

Discover the groundbreaking masterpiece that tops our list, 'GTA IV,' and its immersive story in Liberty City.

'Grand Theft Auto IV' takes the top spot on our list with its impressive score and immersive gameplay. Set in the fictional metropolis of Liberty City, this game introduces us to the unforgettable protagonist Niko Bellic and his journey into the world of crime. Let's delve into the groundbreaking masterpiece that is 'GTA IV' and explore its captivating storyline and gameplay.

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