The Game Awards 2023: Snubs and Surprises

The Game Awards 2023 nominations have sparked excitement and debate among gamers worldwide. While some games have received well-deserved recognition, there are always those that have been overlooked. In this article, we explore the snubs and surprises of this year's awards, according to passionate gamers and industry experts. Join us as we delve into the discussion surrounding the nominations and uncover the games that have captured the hearts of players but didn't make the cut. Let's dive into the world of gaming and discover the hidden gems that deserve recognition at The Game Awards 2023.

The Controversy Surrounding Game of the Year

Explore the debate on whether indie games should be eligible for the Game of the Year category.

When it comes to the Game of the Year category, there is always a heated discussion about whether indie games should be eligible for the prestigious title. Some argue that only AAA games should be considered, while others believe that the quality of the game should be the determining factor, regardless of its budget or popularity.

While popularity often plays a significant role in these awards, it's important to remember that entertainment is subjective, and what resonates with one person may not with another. Games like Cocoon or Dave the Diver may offer exceptional gameplay experiences, but they may not receive the recognition they deserve due to their indie status.

What are your thoughts on this controversy? Should indie games be allowed to compete for the Game of the Year award? Share your opinions and join the conversation!

The Lack of Recognition for Puzzle, Stealth, and Platformer Games

Discuss the absence of specific game categories and the impact on puzzle, stealth, and platformer games.

One notable omission from The Game Awards is the absence of categories dedicated to puzzle, stealth, and platformer games. While these genres may not have the same mainstream appeal as action or RPG games, they have a dedicated fan base and produce exceptional titles every year.

Games like The Talos Principle 2, which offers mind-bending puzzles, and stealth titles like Hitman, often go unnoticed in the awards. Combining these categories or creating separate ones could provide a platform for these games to receive the recognition they deserve.

What are some of your favorite puzzle, stealth, or platformer games that you feel should have been acknowledged? Let us know and celebrate these genres!

Snubbed Games: Final Fantasy XVI and Pentiment

Explore the disappointment surrounding the exclusion of Final Fantasy XVI and Pentiment from the nominations.

One of the most talked-about snubs this year is the absence of Final Fantasy XVI from the Game of the Year nominations. While Resident Evil 4 Remake received a nomination, some argue that Final Fantasy XVI should have taken its place due to its impressive combat mechanics and stunning visuals.

Another game that experienced a similar fate is Pentiment. Despite its release falling within the eligibility period, it was overlooked in both 2022 and 2023. This indie gem provided hours of entertainment and deserves recognition among the other outstanding releases of the year.

What are your thoughts on the exclusion of Final Fantasy XVI and Pentiment? Do you believe they should have been nominated? Share your opinions and let's discuss!

The Overlooked Live Service Games

Highlight the absence of Xbox's live service games from the Best Ongoing Game and Best Community Support categories.

Despite their popularity and dedicated communities, several Xbox live service games were overlooked in the nominations. Games like Halo Infinite, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon have consistently provided updates, new content, and exceptional community support.

These games have created thriving communities and have continued to evolve over time. Their absence from the Best Ongoing Game and Best Community Support categories is a disappointment for fans who have witnessed their growth and dedication.

Which Xbox live service game do you believe should have been recognized? Share your thoughts and let's give them the appreciation they deserve!

Hogwarts Legacy: Controversy and Recognition

Discuss the controversy surrounding Hogwarts Legacy and its exclusion from the nominations.

Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated game set in the Wizarding World, faced controversy even before its release. Despite receiving a decent Metacritic score and positive reception from players, it was not nominated for any awards.

While some argue that the controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling may have influenced the decision, others believe that the game's quality should have been the sole consideration. Regardless, the absence of Hogwarts Legacy from the nominations has sparked discussions about the impact of external factors on award recognition.

What are your thoughts on the exclusion of Hogwarts Legacy? Do you believe it was snubbed or that the controversy overshadowed its potential recognition? Share your opinions and join the conversation!

The Need for Recognition: Armored Core 6

Highlight the absence of Armored Core 6 from the nominations and its deserving recognition in the music category.

Armored Core 6, a highly anticipated game known for its intense action and captivating music, was unfortunately overlooked in the nominations. While it may not have been a frontrunner for the Game of the Year award, its exceptional music should have earned it a spot in the music category.

Although it may not have won against strong contenders like Alan Wake 2, the nomination alone would have been a testament to the game's immersive soundtrack. Let's take a moment to appreciate the music of Armored Core 6 and recognize its contribution to the gaming experience.

What are your thoughts on the absence of Armored Core 6 from the nominations? Share your favorite gaming soundtracks and let's celebrate the impact of music in games!

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