South Koreans Granted Military Exemption After Winning Gold at Video Game Tournament

A South Korean video game team emerged victorious at the Asian Games in the 'League of Legends' tournament, defeating Taiwan and earning themselves an exemption from mandatory military service, a prestigious privilege reserved for exceptional athletes. This victory not only highlights the growing recognition of esports as a competitive sport but also sparks a debate about whether online gamers should be eligible for similar benefits. Let's delve into the remarkable journey of the South Korean team and the significance of their win.

The Significance of the South Korean Team's Victory

Explore the implications of the South Korean team's triumph in the 'League of Legends' tournament

The South Korean team's exceptional performance at the Asian Games, resulting in their victory in the 'League of Legends' tournament, exemplifies the increasing acceptance and recognition of esports as a legitimate competitive sport. This achievement has not only earned them gold medals but also granted them exemption from mandatory military service, a prestigious honor reserved for those who enhance the country's national prestige.

The debate surrounding the eligibility of online gamers to receive similar benefits highlights the evolving perception of gaming as a skillful endeavor requiring extensive strategy, teamwork, and commitment. With the immense popularity and growth of esports globally, this historic win by the South Korean team further solidifies the undeniable prominence of competitive gaming in modern society.

An Undefeated Run to Dominance

Delve into the South Korean team's unwavering success throughout the 'League of Legends' tournament

The South Korean team's journey to capturing the gold medal was nothing short of extraordinary, marked by an undefeated run throughout the 'League of Legends' tournament. From the outset, they demonstrated flawless coordination, exceptional strategic acumen, and unmatched skill. This unwavering success not only showcases the team's individual brilliance but also their exceptional teamwork, enabling them to overpower formidable opponents.

The dominant performance by the team, propelled by standout players like Park Jaehyeok and Choi Wooje, showcased their superior mastery of the game, leaving other teams in their wake. With each victory, they solidified their reputation as electric gaming icons, sparking awe and admiration from fans worldwide.

The Go-to Leader Absent but not Forgotten

Learn about the role of Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyeok in the South Korean team's victory

Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyeok, widely regarded as the greatest 'League of Legends' player, was unfortunately unable to participate in the gold medal match due to illness. However, his instrumental contribution during the earlier rounds can never be underestimated. In recognition of his exceptional talents and success in the field, Faker will also receive the exemption from mandatory military service granted to the victorious South Korean team.

Although Faker's absence was felt, his leadership, prowess, and experience fortified his team members to perform at their utmost best in the gold medal match against Taiwan. Even in his absence, Faker continues to be a revered figure and receive thunderous applause, forever etching his indomitable legacy in the world of esports.

The Growing Recognition of Esports

Explore the rise of esports as a legitimate and popular competitive sport

The inclusion of esports as a competition sport at the Asian Games signifies the overwhelming acknowledgment of its status as a legitimate sporting event. With millions of dedicated players and a global fan base, esports has gained substantial traction, attracting not only skilled individuals but also enthusiastic spectators who revel in the excitement of intense gaming competitions.

The Advent of Competitive Gaming

Esports has transformed from a niche activity into a booming industry, capturing the attention of sponsors, investors, and mainstream media. The recognition it receives at esteemed events like the Asian Games cements its position as a thrilling spectator sport, with viewers passionately cheering for their favorite teams and players.

The Impact of Online Gaming Communities

The growing popularity of online gaming communities has fostered a sense of camaraderie and forged lasting connections among players worldwide, transcending geographical barriers. This tight-knit community fuels the esports ecosystem, providing a platform for aspiring gamers to engage, showcase their talents, and compete at the highest level.


The South Korean team's outstanding performance and victory in the 'League of Legends' tournament at the Asian Games not only solidifies their position as esports champions but also opens up discussions about the recognition and benefits of competitive gaming.

As esports continues to gain global popularity and increasingly gain acknowledgement as a legitimate sport, the inclusion of esports in prestigious events like the Asian Games showcases its ever-growing prominence and appeal.

The exemption from mandatory military service received by the South Korean team demonstrates the significant impact esports has on society and recognizes the skill, dedication, and excellence of professional gamers. This milestone moment firmly establishes the tremendous potential that esports holds for passionate and talented individuals, inspiring the next generation of esports enthusiasts.


Will more countries recognize esports as a competitive discipline?

As the esports industry continues to thrive and gain international attention, it is increasingly likely that more countries will recognize esports as a legitimate and competitive discipline. With its massive following and lucrative revenue streams, the global esports community is championing for greater recognition and acceptance on the world stage.

What are the long-term implications of the South Korean team's victory?

The South Korean team's victory not only enhances the nation's prestige on a global scale but also solidifies South Korea's reputation as a powerhouse in the esports industry. It encourages the development and sustenance of competitive gaming initiatives within the country and may attract even more aspiring gamers who aim to achieve the same level of success.

How do exemptions from military service benefit esports athletes?

Exemptions from military service for esports athletes recognize their contribution to national prestige and help them cultivate their skills further without interruption. This allows esports athletes to focus on their professional career, representing their country on international platforms and bringing glory to their nation through their exceptional gaming abilities.

What challenges do esports athletes face?

Esports athletes face various challenges, including intense competition, strict schedules, and the rapidly evolving nature of the games they compete in. They must continuously adapt to new updates, strategies, and meta shifts to maintain their skills at the peak level. Additionally, maintaining physical and mental health during long gaming sessions is crucial for sustained performance.

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