SMU vs Navy: An Exciting American Athletic Battle

In this highly anticipated American Athletic battle, the Navy Midshipmen will face off against the SMU Mustangs. Both teams have a history of intense matchups, and this game promises to be no different. With Navy looking to even the score and SMU aiming to extend their winning streak, fans can expect an exciting clash on the field. Get all the information you need, including the game details, where to watch, and the teams' current records.

Game Details: Navy Midshipmen vs SMU Mustangs

Get all the important details about the upcoming American Athletic battle between the Navy Midshipmen and the SMU Mustangs.

SMU vs Navy: An Exciting American Athletic Battle - -418587400

The Navy Midshipmen will be facing off against the SMU Mustangs in an exciting American Athletic battle. The game is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 25, 2023, at 12 p.m. ET at Gerald J. Ford Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Fans can catch the action live on ESPN2 or follow along on the CBS Sports App.

This matchup is expected to be a thrilling encounter as both teams have a history of intense battles. Navy and SMU have faced each other eight times since November 2015, with each team winning four games. The Mustangs are currently on a seven-game winning streak and will be looking to extend it against the Midshipmen.

Recent Performances: SMU's Winning Streak and Navy's Comeback

Learn about the recent performances of both teams and how they have been faring in their previous games.

SMU has been on a roll with a nine-win and two-loss record. They are currently on a seven-game winning streak, showcasing their dominance on the field. Their most recent victory was a hard-fought 38-34 win against Memphis, where their quarterback Preston Stone had an impressive game.

Navy, on the other hand, has had a more challenging season with a record of five wins and five losses. However, they have shown resilience in their recent games, winning back-to-back matches. In their last game against East Carolina, Navy's defense was outstanding, securing a 10-0 victory.

Head-to-Head Battle: Navy vs SMU

Explore the history of matchups between Navy and SMU and their performance against each other.

Navy and SMU have faced each other eight times since November 2015, with both teams winning four games. The matchups have been highly competitive and have produced some memorable moments. From Navy's dominant 75-31 victory in 2016 to SMU's close 40-34 win in 2022, these games have showcased the talent and determination of both teams.

With the series tied at 4-4, this upcoming game will be crucial for both teams as they aim to gain an edge in their head-to-head record. The previous matchups have been closely contested, and fans can expect another thrilling battle between these two teams.

Key Players to Watch: Preston Stone and Alex Tecza

Discover the standout players from both teams who will play a crucial role in the outcome of the game.

One of the key players to watch in this game is SMU's quarterback, Preston Stone. He has been instrumental in leading the Mustangs' offense and has shown great skill and composure on the field. In their recent victory against Memphis, Stone threw for 286 yards and two touchdowns, showcasing his talent as a playmaker.

For Navy, running back Alex Tecza has been a standout performer. He has been a driving force in their recent victories, including the shutout win against East Carolina. Tecza's ability to make crucial runs and find the end zone will be vital for Navy's success in this game.

Game Prediction: SMU Favored to Win

Find out the experts' prediction for the outcome of the game and the favored team.

According to experts, SMU is the favorite to win this game, with a predicted margin of victory of 19.5 points. The Mustangs have been in excellent form throughout the season and have shown their ability to dominate on the field. However, Navy will be determined to prove the experts wrong and secure a victory of their own.

With the game set to be a battle between two talented teams, it will be interesting to see how the matchup unfolds. Both Navy and SMU have players who can make game-changing plays, and the outcome of the game may come down to key moments and performances on the field.

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