Prepare Yourself for an Epic Adventure in dotAGE

dotAGE is an indie game that will test your survival skills like never before. Take on the role of the Elder, guiding your villagers in the face of a devastating apocalypse. This merciless roguelite game combines worker placement mechanics, resource management, and mystical events. Explore over 200 buildings, 30 professions, and 70 resources to shape your village's destiny. Are you ready to overcome the prophecy and lead your people to a new dawn?

Immerse Yourself in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Experience the thrilling story and setting of dotAGE

Step into the shoes of the Elder and embark on a captivating journey in dotAGE. Witness the devastating impact of the impending apocalypse and guide your villagers through this harsh reality. Explore the richly detailed and atmospheric post-apocalyptic world that will keep you engaged for hours.

From the hauntingly beautiful landscapes to the struggling villages, every aspect of the game captures the desperation and determination of the survivors. The pixelated graphics add a cozy and nostalgic charm to the game's visuals, creating a unique blend of retro and post-apocalyptic aesthetics.

Masterful Gameplay Mechanics

Unlock the deep and challenging mechanics of dotAGE

dotAGE offers an intricate and immersive gameplay experience. Delve into the depths of worker placement mechanics, where every decision holds great importance. Allocate your villagers strategically, assigning them tasks such as farming, crafting, and upgrading structures to ensure the survival of your village.

As your village grows, you'll unlock new buildings, professions, and resources to expand your community and thrive. But be prepared for unforeseen challenges. The domains, mysterious forces that govern the world, will throw unpredictable events your way. It's up to you to adapt and guide your villagers through these trials.

Artifact Collecting and Empire Building

Uncover powerful artifacts and build a prosperous village

One of the highlights of dotAGE is the rewarding artifact collecting aspect. Discover ancient relics and unlock their hidden powers to aid your village. These artifacts can grant your villagers powerful abilities, improve resource efficiency, or unravel secrets of the past.

Combine artifacts with intuitive empire building mechanics to create a prosperous and self-sufficient village. Upgrade structures, train professionals, and manage resources to ensure the well-being of your residents. Shape the destiny of your village as you strike a balance between growth and sustainability.

Unique Customization and Replayability

Explore endless possibilities and unique experiences

dotAGE offers a dynamic and ever-changing gameplay experience. With over 200 buildings, 30 professions, and 70 resources, each playthrough will be a unique adventure. Discover new ailments, VIPs, and even different Elder characters, adding to the game's replayability factor.

The game also features a range of difficulty levels, allowing you to enjoy the game casually or test your skills to the extreme. Additionally, unlock permanent upgrades and features as you progress, further enhancing your playthroughs and adding depth to your village building.

Face Unexpected Challenges and Conquer the Prophecy

Navigate through the domains' powerful events in dotAGE

The domains, mystical forces that govern the world, will test your resilience at every turn. Brace yourself for poison, diseases, earthquakes...and even cute kittens. Can you overcome these challenges and lead your village to survival?

In your journey to conquer the prophecy, the choices you make will have a direct impact on the fate of your village. Experience the gripping narrative as you shape the destiny of yourpeople and uncover the secrets hidden within the ethereal realms.


dotAGE combines the excitement of a post-apocalyptic setting with deep and challenging gameplay mechanics. Immerse yourself in a world on the brink of destruction and guide your villagers through the harsh realities of survival. Explore a unique blend of empire building, artifact collecting, and customizable experiences that ensure no playthrough is ever the same.

With its cozy-pixelated graphics and unpredictable events, dotAGE offers a captivating and immersive gaming experience. Will you be able to conquer the prophecy, navigate through the domains' powerful events, and lead your people to a new dawn?


Can I replay dotAGE with different experiences each time?

Absolutely! dotAGE features a wealth of customization options and random events that guarantee a unique gameplay experience with each playthrough. Discover new buildings, professions, and even different Elder characters as you shape the destiny of your village in diverse ways.

Are the challenges in dotAGE balanced for different levels of players?

Yes! dotAGE offers multiple difficulty levels, allowing players to choose their preferred level of challenge. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned strategist, you can enjoy dotAGE at your own pace and test your skills in an environment that suits you.

How do the artifacts work in dotAGE, and what benefits do they provide?

Artifacts in dotAGE are powerful tools that you can discover and collect throughout the game. Each artifact grants unique abilities and enhancements, such as improved resource efficiency or special skills for your villagers. Utilize them strategically to maximize the development and survival of your village.

Will I be able to uncover the mysteries of the prophecy in dotAGE?

Absolutely! dotAGE features a gripping narrative that unfolds as you progress through the game. Your choices and actions will have a direct impact on the fate of your village and the outcome of the prophecy. Dive into the ethereal realms and uncover the secrets hidden within.

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