Patrick Quinlan: A Rising Star in the World of Hockey

Join me on an incredible journey as we delve into the story of Patrick Quinlan, a talented 16-year-old goalie from Kennett Square. From his early beginnings on the ice to his recent selection for the U.S.A. National Under-17 Hockey Team, Patrick's determination and skill have set him on a path to hockey stardom. Let's explore his remarkable journey and the possibilities that lie ahead for this rising star.

Early Beginnings on the Ice

Discover how Patrick Quinlan's love for hockey began and his journey from learning to skate to becoming a skilled goalie.

Patrick Quinlan: A Rising Star in the World of Hockey - 704655897

From the age of five, Patrick Quinlan showed a natural talent for hockey. Starting at the Upland Country Day School rink, he quickly developed his skills under the guidance of his father, Kevin, who also played hockey. Despite not being born into a hockey family, Patrick's passion for the sport grew rapidly.

His early years were spent learning the mechanics of the game at The Chester County Skating Club and playing for Team Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers. But it was his time with the Jr. Flyers that truly showcased his talent, with an impressive goals against average of 1.08 per game in his final season.

Patrick's journey as a goalie started with a love for the position, and his dedication to improving his skills set him on the path to success.

Rising Through the Ranks

Explore Patrick Quinlan's rise through the ranks of youth hockey, from his time with Bishop Kearny to his selection for the U.S.A. National Under-17 Hockey Team.

After showcasing his skills with the BK Selects at Bishop Kearny, Patrick caught the attention of scouts and earned a spot in the final tryouts for the U.S. National Team Development Program's under-17 team. Competing against the best young goalies in the country, Patrick's talent and dedication earned him a place on the team.

Now a part of the U.S.A. National Under-17 Hockey Team, Patrick will face new challenges as he competes against older players in a demanding schedule. This opportunity is a testament to his hard work and determination, and it opens doors for his future in the sport.

Preparing for the Next Level

Learn about Patrick Quinlan's rigorous training regimen and his commitment to improving his skills both on and off the ice.

As Patrick prepares for his two-year stint with the U.S.A. National Under-17 Hockey Team, he dedicates himself to a demanding off-ice training regimen. This includes weight-lifting and cardio work in the gym four to five days a week to build strength and endurance.

Patrick also utilizes innovative training tools, such as a virtual reality goaltending mask, to enhance his hand-eye coordination and simulate game situations. His commitment to improving his skills shows his dedication to becoming the best goalie he can be.

The Path to NHL Dreams

Discover Patrick Quinlan's aspirations to play at the collegiate level and eventually be drafted by an NHL team.

Patrick's ultimate goal is to play in the NHL, and he understands that it will require an incredible amount of work and dedication. After his time with the U.S.A. National Under-17 Hockey Team, he hopes to play at the collegiate level for a major hockey program.

With each step, Patrick sets his goals one season at a time, focusing on continuous improvement and giving his all every day. His determination and talent have already set him on a path to success, and his future in the world of hockey looks promising.

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