Kronten takes jab at Mortal on stream: Godlike vs S8ul latest controversy in BGMI community explained

Get ready for a deep dive into the latest controversy rocking the BGMI esports scene. The clash between S8ul and GodLike fans has ignited a firestorm of opinions and emotions. Join me as we uncover the events that unfolded during Kronten's stream and explore the aftermath of this fervent rivalry.

Deconstructing Kronten's Remarks: The Spark that Ignited the Controversy

Unpacking the comments made by Kronten during his stream, and the subsequent eruption of opinions.

During a recent stream, notable BGMI esports personality, Kronten, made some sarcastic remarks that escalated into a full-blown controversy. Let's delve deeper into the remarks that sparked outrage among fans and piqued the curiosity of the community. As tensions rise, the conflict between S8ul and GodLike factions unfolds with fervor.

In his stream, Kronten sarcastically called out their detractors, igniting a cascade of interactions and engagements from players and fans across teams. The aftermath has been characterized by heated debates and passionate opinions.

The Unfortunate News and its Impact on GodLike

Exploring the distressing reports surrounding GodLike and the reactions from within the BGMI community.

In the recent days, distressing news regarding GodLike Esports has been circulating online, causing concern and discussion within the BGMI community. The rumors and speculations have stirred emotions and opinions from players, fans, and spectators alike.

Amidst the frenzy, Kronten addresses the trolls and the alleged lack of genuine empathy from their haters following the news of GodLike's disbanding. These reactions have further intensified the divide within the community.

Battle Lines Drawn: Clash of S8ul and GodLike Fanatics

Examining the ongoing clash between S8ul and GodLike fans sparked by Kronten's stream and subsequent comments.

The controversial remarks on a recent stream have polarized the BGMI community, as enthusiasts from S8ul and GodLike vehemently disagree with one another. Supporters of each faction fiercely defend their team, leading to an intense war of words online.

Tensions have reached fever pitch, with some fans incredulous at the comments made and insisting on a show of loyalty. Kronten's statements have ignited a fierce debate among loyal followers on both sides. Which faction will come out on top?

Sparring on Social Media: The Reaction from 8Bit and S8ul

Exploring the Twitter interaction between Kronten and 8Bit after his comments, with S8ul added to the mix.

Kronten's comments didn't go unnoticed by the BGMI community's allies and rivals. Regaltos from 8Bit responded assertively on Twitter, setting off a paramount tussle within the player-centric social media domain.

The clash of competitive egos heightened when S8ul member, Mortal, chimed in, responding cryptically to the ensuing controversy. As the feud persists, fans eagerly await the next move from all parties involved.

Divided Community: Thriving on Discord, Seeking Balance

Analyzing the community's current divide and the need for calmer discussions and resolutions.

The BGMI community now stands divided between S8ul and GodLike factions, creating a sense of rivalry and tension among fans. Amid the chaos, it's essential to reflect on the need for reasoned conversations and understanding between supporters.

Engaging in respectful conversations and seeking common ground can foster a healthier community for all Esports enthusiasts. Let's embrace positivity and nurture an atmosphere of camaraderie that revolves around our mutual love for BGMI.


In conclusion, the BGMI esports community finds itself embroiled in a heated controversy sparked by Kronten's remarks during his recent stream. The clash between S8ul and GodLike fans has intensified, with emotions running high and divisions deepening. It is our hope that through engaging in respectful and constructive dialogue, we can foster a more united and supportive community going forward.


What started the controversy in the BGMI community?

The controversy in question was initiated by comments made by Kronten during his stream, which were perceived as sarcastic and targeted towards GodLike and its fans.

How has the community response been?

The community response has been passionate and divided. S8ul and GodLike fans have found themselves at odds, defending their favored teams and engaging in heated exchanges on social media platforms.

Are there any hopes for reconciliation?

While tensions remain high, there is potential for reconciliation within the BGMI community. By encouraging respectful conversations and promoting understanding between different factions, a more balanced and supportive environment can be achieved.

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