International Esports Federation signs deal with Chinese city Qingdao

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has forged a strategic alliance with Qingdao city, signaling a promising future for the esports industry in Asia. This collaboration aims to enhance the growth and advancement of esports, attracting enterprises and research institutions to the city. With the establishment of a new IESF office and the potential for major international tournaments, Qingdao is poised to become a hub for esports innovation and excellence.

Qingdao and IESF: A Game-Changing Partnership

Learn how Qingdao city's strategic partnership with the International Esports Federation (IESF) is set to revolutionize the esports landscape in Asia.

Qingdao's collaboration with the IESF marks a major development in the world of esports. This partnership aims to ignite a wave of transformation, paving the way for the rapid growth and promotion of esports in the entire Asian region.

With its rich potential and passion for gaming, Qingdao is poised to become a leading hub for the esports ecosystem. From hosting international tournaments and expanding cutting-edge research institutions, this collaboration opens up unprecedented opportunities in the esports sector.

IESF Asia-Pacific Office: Elevating Esports Excellence

Discover the significance of the new IESF Asia-Pacific office in Qingdao, and its role in unlocking immense growth potential for esports in the region.

The establishment of the IESF Asia-Pacific office in Qingdao represents a decisive step towards fostering innovation, connecting key industry players, and facilitating cooperative efforts in the world of esports. This strategic move will serve as a catalyst for transforming Qingdao into an epicenter of esports knowledge and talent.

The city's alignment with the IESF offers exciting prospects for high-performance training centers, cutting-edge facilities, and advanced player development programs. By harnessing the IESF's expertise, Qingdao is set to impart invaluable skills and shape the next generation of esports champions.

Propelling Esports Events and Dialogues in Qingdao

Explore how Qingdao's collaboration with the IESF brings forth a new era for esports events, competitions, and dialogue among industry experts.

The partnership between IESF and Qingdao opens the doors for hosting premier esports events and major competitions in the city. By attracting international tournaments and amplifying the local esports scene, Qingdao positions itself as a vibrant venue for thrilling gameplay and intense competition.

Promoting Dialogue and Cooperation in Esports

Beyond epIC narrationgevents, Qingdao embarks on a journey to establish itself as a hub for sharing insights, fostering cooperation, and harvesting synergies within the esports community. This vibrant ecosystem will facilitate mutually beneficial dialogues, knowledge exchanges, and collaboration among diverse esports entities, ushering in a new era of interconnectivity and innovation.

Attracting Esports Enterprises and Research Institutions

Discover the allure of Qingdao for esports enterprises and esteemed research institutions aiming to tap into the thriving esports landscape in Asia.

Qingdao's strategic partnership with the IESF acts as a magnetic force, attracting prominent esports enterprises and esteemed research institutions alike. The city offers a fertile ground for companies and institutions to unveil exciting innovations, cutting-edge technology, and groundbreaking developments in the world of esports.

Moreover, leveraging the city's aspiring esports market opens doors for collaboration, empowering institutions to dive deeper into research endeavours, uncovering nuanced gamer behaviors, driving data-driven insights, and designing advanced technologies with immense potential.

Fostering Talent Development in Qingdao

Learn how Qingdao's collaboration with the IESF provides a nurturing environment for talent development in the fast-growing world of esports.

A High-Performance Training Center for Excellence

Qingdao has its eyes firmly set on becoming a breeding ground for esports champions, with endeavors focused on constructing a state-of-the-art high-performance training center. This facility will cultivate talent and nurture aspiring esports enthusiasts to unlock their maximum potential, pushing the boundaries of excellence in competitive gaming.

Shaping Tomorrow's Esports Superstars

As part of the collaboration, Qingdao seeks to forge partnerships with leading esports professionals, ensuring a supportive ecosystem that empowers young players to develop advanced skillsets and thrive in the dynamic world of esports. By providing expert guidance, mentorship programs, and ample opportunities for exposure, Qingdao champions the rise of tomorrow's esports superstars.

Asia's Esports Growth: From Asian Games to Olympic Aspirations

Uncover the trajectory of Asian esports from its significant inclusion in the Asian Games to setting its sights on strong connections with the Olympic movement.

Esports has experienced groundbreaking milestones in Asia, including its inclusion as a full medal sport at the prestigious Asian Games, held in Hangzhou, China. This watershed moment catapulted esports into a new era of global recognition and respect, opening doors for expanded horizons, diverse collaborations, and inspiring pursuits towards the goal of potential Olympics inclusion.

In line with this trajectory, the partnership between IESF and Qingdao signifies Asia's unbridled commitment to shaping the future of esports, while actively exploring its place within the esteemed Olympic movement, where elite athletes aspire for Olympic glory both physical and virtual.


The strategic partnership between Qingdao city and the International Esports Federation (IESF) marks a significant milestone in driving the growth and advancement of the esports industry in Asia. This collaboration paves the way for groundbreaking events, stimulating dialogues, and fostering talent development in Qingdao.

With the establishment of the IESF Asia-Pacific office, Qingdao is poised to become a thriving esports hub, attracting esports enterprises, research institutions, and leading players in the industry. Through these combined efforts, the city aspires to shape the future of esports and propel it towards global recognition, even linking it to the prestigious Olympic movement.

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