In Stars and Time: A Quirky Indie Game with a Captivating Time Loop Narrative

Quirky indie games have become a dime-a-dozen, but In Stars and Time stands out with its captivating time loop narrative and charming cast of characters. Developed by solo developer Adrienne Bazir, this game takes players on a journey through the House of Change, where frozen time and found family await. In this article, we'll explore the unique gameplay mechanics, the audio-visual experience, and the game's unapologetically queer themes. Get ready to dive into a world filled with adventure and intrigue!

A Captivating Tale of Found Family and Time Loops

Embark on a journey through the House of Change

In Stars and Time introduces players to a captivating tale of found family and time loops. The game follows the story of Mirabelle, a Housemaiden blessed by Change, who must save her country from the villainous King. Alongside her companions, Siffrin, Isabeau, Odile, and Bonnie, Mirabelle embarks on a world-trotting adventure to defeat King and restore balance.

The game's narrative purposefully contradicts the themes of popular indie game Undertale, offering a refreshing take on the genre. As players progress through the game, they will uncover the mysteries of the House of Change and unravel the secrets of the time loops that bind them.

Immersive Audio-Visual Experience

Step into a world reminiscent of classic Game Boy games

In Stars and Time offers an immersive audio-visual experience that harkens back to classic Game Boy games like Pokémon Red & Blue and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The game's black and white graphics, viewed from a top-down perspective, create a nostalgic atmosphere that instantly transports players to a bygone era.

The occasional beautifully drawn sketchbook-like stills and animations add emphasis to key moments in the game, while the hummable soundtrack, reminiscent of Game Boy music, further enhances the overall experience. Despite some occasional performance hitches, the game's visual and auditory elements are undeniably appealing.

Challenging Gameplay with Strategic Combat

Master the active-time battle system and exploit rock-paper-scissors mechanics

In Stars and Time offers challenging gameplay that keeps players engaged throughout their journey. The game's combat system utilizes the active-time battle system popularized by Final Fantasy, where timing is crucial for success.

One unique aspect of the combat is the rock-paper-scissors mechanics. Each character, attack, Craft (magic spell), and enemy is associated with rock, paper, or scissors. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each type is essential for victory. Players must strategically choose their actions, considering cooldowns and the Jackpot dial, which triggers powerful cooperative attacks when filled.

With a variety of enemies and situations, combat in In Stars and Time remains fresh and engaging. However, as players progress, the repetitive nature of exploring the same floors and facing the same enemies can become a bit tiresome, making the guaranteed escape attempts a welcome relief.

Unraveling Mysteries and Overcoming Obstacles

Navigate through locked doors and discover the secrets of the House

In Stars and Time, players must navigate through the House of Change, which is filled with locked doors and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. As the protagonist, Siffrin, players will encounter various obstacles that hinder their progress.

The game cleverly utilizes time loops to advance the story. Players may need to die in a certain way, find specific items, or uncover hidden clues to progress further. This nonlinear approach adds depth to the gameplay but can also lead to moments of feeling stuck or unsure of the next steps.

While the linearity of the game can be a drawback, it effectively conveys the frustration experienced by Siffrin, the player character, as they navigate the loops. Tools such as memories and equippable items help ease the challenges, providing shortcuts and advantages along the way.

A Heartwarming Cast and Embracing Queer Themes

Meet the charming and diverse characters of In Stars and Time

In Stars and Time introduces players to a heartwarming cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and backgrounds. Siffrin, the player character, is a rogue who takes on the role of the protagonist. Alongside Siffrin is Mirabelle, the chosen one, who carries the weight of saving her country.

The rest of the party consists of Isabeau, a seemingly hunky ditz with hidden depths, Odile, a cranky and unsociable mage who acts as a mother figure, and Bonnie, a mischievous and lovable kid. Together, they form a found family united by their love and desire to protect Bonnie.

What sets In Stars and Time apart is its unapologetic embrace of queer themes. The game explores gender, sexuality, and societal norms through its characters and narrative. Players will encounter numerous discussions and touching moments that highlight the freedom to change and be true to oneself.

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