Horizon Union Steps Away from Apex Legends Esports

In a surprising move, Horizon Union, the UK-based content creator-focused esports organization, has announced their departure from the world of Apex Legends esports. Despite their notable performance in the ALGS, the organization has made the difficult decision to step away due to a misalignment with their current goals. In this article, we dive into their journey, facing challenges, and what the future holds for Horizon Union.

Horizon Union's entrance into Apex Legends esports

Explore how Horizon Union, a content creator-focused esports org, ventured into the world of Apex Legends esports.

At the beginning of 2022, Horizon Union, an esports organization hailing from the UK, made their foray into the competitive realm of Apex Legends. Embracing the opportunity to compete in the prestigious ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series), they eagerly took on the challenges that lay ahead.

With their first taste of action, Horizon Union showcased their potential as rising stars in the esports scene. Their initial performance promised great things to come. However, as time went on, unforeseen obstacles and internal evaluation lead the organization to make a breakthrough decision.

Challenges faced by Horizon Union in Apex Legends

Discover the hurdles Horizon Union encountered during their time in the Apex Legends esports arena.

In their quest to establish themselves in the competitive landscape of Apex Legends, Horizon Union faced several challenges along the way. Combining fierce competitors, prolonged hours of practice, and an ever-evolving meta, the esports journey wasn't without its share of difficulties.

The team, comprised of talented individuals, encountered stiff competition at every turn, pushing their limits both mentally and physically. Moreover, as expectations mounted and pressure soared, maintaining consistency amidst rising competition proved to be a demanding task.

Results and milestones achieved by Horizon Union

Explore the results and key milestones attained by Horizon Union during their time in Apex Legends esports.

Throughout their participation in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), Horizon Union managed to etch their name in the competitive annals through notable achievements. Notably, they secured a respectable 11th place finish in the EMEA ALGS Split 2 Pro League. Fierce battles waged, driven by their passion for victory and unyielding determination.

As the London-based organization battled it out, we saw their potential unfold. Guided by a experienced coach and backed by their tenacious spirit, they gave their opponents a run for their money, narrowly missing out on a coveted Split 2 Playoffs spot.

A difficult decision to step away

Learn the reasons behind Horizon Union's tough call to exit the Apex Legends esports scene.

Horizon Union recently released a statement announcing their departure from competitive Apex Legends. The decision stemmed from a misalignment between the current structure and goals of Apex Legends and those of the organization. Despite the incredible journey and experience gained, they recognized the need to reassess their direction.

It is important to note that while stepping away is a chosen path for now, the door isn't entirely closed for a future return. Shifting to accommodate their current aspirations and desires, Horizon Union leaves behind a bittersweet legacy within the Apex Legends esports community.

Support for their former players

Discover the post-departure plans of Horizon Union as they provide continued support for their former players.

Following the announcement of their departure, Horizon Union affirmed their commitment to supporting their former players, Faenex from the Netherlands, JSavageW from France, Urban from the UK, and their coach, Bowzey from the UK. The continued support ensures that these talented individuals will have the necessary resources and guidance to navigate their esports journeys.

Horizon Union believes in fostering the growth and success of content creators, ensuring that their professional experiences flourish while ensuring the prevention of burnout is addressed. As the organization moves forward, their dedication to the wellbeing and progress of their former team members shall remain steadfast.

Looking towards the future

Delve into the future goals and aspirations of Horizon Union as they set their sights beyond Apex Legends.

Although relinquishing their position in Apex Legends, Horizon Union embarks on a new journey with renewed focus and ambition. With the ever-evolving landscape of esports dynamics, they seek to align their goals with the opportunities and frameworks offered in other competitive environments suitable for creators.

Adaptation and growth lie at the heart of Horizon Union's future trajectory, as their passion for fostering the careers of talented content creators drives their endeavors. While their departure from Apex Legends is a significant moment in their history, it signifies a new dawn for the organization and a chance to explore different avenues for their future goals.


Overall, Horizon Union's journey in Apex Legends esports was a remarkable one. They entered the scene with determination and showcased their capabilities, leaving a lasting impression on the community. However, they have made the difficult decision to step away from the competitive rigors of the game.

Despite this departure, Horizon Union's support for their former players and their commitment to their future goals demonstrates their dedication to the esports industry. As they embark on a new path, their focus on fostering content creators' careers remains at the core of their organization, ensuring growth and wellbeing for all involved.

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