Gearbox Publishing Brings Back Shut-Down Multiplayer Game Gigantic for Exclusive Throwback Event

Gearbox Publishing has surprised gamers by announcing the temporary return of Gigantic, a multiplayer game that was previously shut down. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the game's closure and delve into the exciting new features and additions that players can expect to experience in this exclusive throwback event.

The Rise and Fall of Gigantic

Tracing the history of the multiplayer game and the reasons behind its initial shutdown.

The Throwback Event: A Surprise for Players

Revealing details about the upcoming exclusive throwback event where Gigantic makes a temporary return.

Testing the Waters for a Comeback

Analyzing the possible motivations behind Gearbox Publishing's decision to bring back Gigantic.


The return of Gigantic through an exclusive throwback event has generated excitement among gamers, reigniting the hope for this once-promising multiplayer game. While it faced challenges in the past and was overshadowed by other titles, Gearbox Publishing's decision to test the waters with Gigantic indicates the game's potential for a future revival. The event not only allows players to reconnect with the game but also introduces new features that could shape Gigantic's path forward. Will Gigantic rise again and reclaim its place in the world of multiplayer gaming? Only time will tell.


Will the Gigantic throwback event be accessible to all players?

No, the Gigantic throwback event is an invite-only event. Players who have received invitations will have the opportunity to participate.

What does the Fortune Card system entail?

The Fortune Card system in Gigantic allows players to earn customization options by completing specific objectives or challenges. It could potentially be a foundation for future monetization in the game.

Are there plans for a full comeback of Gigantic?

While it's uncertain at this point, Gearbox Publishing's decision to bring back Gigantic and explore additional features and improvements during the throwback event could indicate their interest in revitalizing the game. The player response and reception during the event may influence future decisions regarding the game's revival.

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