Enhancing the Gaming Experience: Samsung Partners with Boosteroid for Cloud Gaming

Samsung Electronics has joined forces with Boosteroid to revolutionize the gaming experience for Samsung users. By adding Boosteroid's cloud gaming service to the Samsung Gaming Hub, Samsung Smart TV, monitor, and Freestyle 2nd Gen projector owners can now access a diverse collection of high-end video games through the cloud. This strategic partnership aims to provide players with more ways to discover and play their favorite games, making game streaming easier and more accessible than ever before.

Expanding the Gaming Universe: Samsung Gaming Hub and Boosteroid Partnership

Discover how the collaboration between Samsung Gaming Hub and Boosteroid brings a whole new gaming experience to Samsung users.

With the aim of enhancing the gaming experience for Samsung users, Samsung Electronics has partnered with Boosteroid to add their cloud gaming service to the Samsung Gaming Hub. This strategic collaboration opens up a world of high-end video games to Samsung Smart TV, monitor, and Freestyle 2nd Gen projector owners, allowing them to access a wide range of beloved game titles through the cloud.

Boosteroid, known for its provision of high-end cloud-based gaming rigs, is excited to join forces with Samsung Gaming Hub. By offering effortless access to high-end gaming rigs through the cloud, Boosteroid's platform aligns perfectly with Samsung's commitment to providing a comprehensive gaming experience across its device range. This partnership eliminates the need for dedicated gaming consoles or PCs, making gaming more accessible than ever.

Seamless Game Streaming: Samsung Smart TVs and Monitors

Explore how Samsung Smart TVs and monitors now offer seamless game streaming through the Samsung Gaming Hub.

The Samsung Gaming Hub's expansion has reached new heights by enabling game streaming on 2020 Samsung Smart TVs. Initially launched on 2022 models and extended to 2023 devices, the service now adds backward compatibility, making it available to millions of Samsung Smart TV owners from 2020 and up.

Owners of 2020 Samsung Smart TVs can easily download individual gaming apps via the Samsung App Store through the Media Hub. This allows them to access thousands of games directly from their home screens, providing a convenient and immersive gaming experience.

By bringing game streaming to Samsung Smart TVs and monitors, Samsung is catering to diverse player needs without the requirement of dedicated gaming consoles or PCs. This expansion further solidifies Samsung's commitment to transforming gaming into a seamless and immersive experience for users across their device range.

A Growing Lineup of Gaming Partners: Samsung Gaming Hub

Discover the wide-ranging catalog of free and paid games available on the Samsung Gaming Hub through partnerships with leading gaming companies.

Samsung Gaming Hub continues to expand its lineup of gaming partners, offering users a diverse selection of games to explore. Joining the likes of Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade, and Blacknut Cloud Gaming, Boosteroid is the latest addition to this impressive list.

Through the Samsung Gaming Hub, users can seamlessly access a wide-ranging catalog of free and paid games directly on their Samsung devices. This extensive collection of games, available on Samsung Smart TVs, monitors, and projectors, caters to the gaming preferences of players worldwide.

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