Easter Eggs and Triumphs: The Music Video that Chronicles Deft's Career

Take a nostalgic trip through Deft's extraordinary journey in the League of Legends scene with the newly released music video for the Worlds 2023 song 'Gods' by NewJeans. Discover hidden Easter eggs and pivotal moments that highlight Deft's career, including encounters with prominent players and thrilling victories. Join us as we navigate through the highs and lows of the professional life of the Korean bot laner turned World Champion.

Faker and Deft: Schoolmates Turned Pros

Explore the early connection between two League of Legends legends

The music video kicks off with a heartwarming scene, revealing that Faker and Deft attended the same high school and started their professional careers around the same time in 2013. Witnessing their friendship and journey from schoolmates to professional pros adds a nostalgic touch to Deft's story.

A Nod to Faker's Zed and Worlds 2013

Relive one of Faker's iconic Worlds performances

The music video takes us to the exhilarating Worlds 2013 final, paying tribute to Faker's mesmerizing performance on Zed. SK Telecom T1 clinched their first-ever World Championship title, with Faker showcasing unmatched mastery of the champion. This unforgettable moment symbolizes Faker's impact on the game and leaves fans reminiscing about his dominance.

The Alpaca Connection: Deft's Quirkiness

Discover Deft's curious resemblance to an alpaca and its role in the video

In a lighthearted nod to a charming inside joke, the music video showcases Deft's room adorned with an alpaca plush. This reference originated from Caster Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles' humorously highlighting Deft's physical resemblance to an alpaca. It captures Deft's down-to-earth personality and further adds an endearing layer to his character.

A Clash for the Ages: PawN vs. Deft at Worlds 2014

Relive the intense bout between two world-class players

The music video transports us to Worlds 2014, focusing on the epic showdown between PawN and Deft. As members of Samsung White and Samsung Blue, respectively, they battled in the semifinals. PawN's Jayce ultimately eliminated Deft's Lucian, crushing Deft's dreams of lifting the Summoner's Cup and reinforcing the gripping nature of World Championships.

Rekkles' Iconic Kennen and Worlds 2015

Marvel at Rekkles' exceptional performance and its impact on Deft

The music video pays homage to Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson and his memorable Kennen performance during Worlds 2015. While the scene in the video doesn't precisely recreate the quarterfinals matchup between Deft and Rekkles, it highlights the impact of Rekkles' skillful strategies and clinching the victory for his team. This moment had a profound impact on Deft's career and is remembered as a iconic chapter in Worlds history.

Facing DAMWON at Worlds 2020

Relive Deft's face-off against a formidable opponent

In the video, we witness Deft's encounter with DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2020. As a member of DRX, Deft faced DAMWON Gaming in a fierce battle, ultimately resulting in a quarterfinals exit for Deft once again. The scene captures the intensity and highly competitive nature of the fiercely fought series, underscoring Deft's unrelenting pursuit of victory despite the challenges.

The Ultimate Triumph: DRX's Victory at Worlds 2022

Embark on DRX's historic Run and Deft's final moment of triumph

The music video concludes with a remarkable display of DRX's winning roster at Worlds 2022, including Deft, Kingen, Pyosik, Zeka, and BeryL. Each player proudly holds the weapon corresponding to the champion used in the final match against T1. Relishing their thrilling 3-2 victory, they achieved not only their grand ambitions but also claimed a historic victory of a Play-In team in League of Legends Esports history. Deft's defeat of his former schoolmate Faker stands out as a crowning moment, solidifying his position as a true legend of the game.


The music video for the Worlds 2023 song, 'Gods' by NewJeans, not only provides fans with a visually stunning and engaging experience, but also serves as a nostalgic journey through Deft's outstanding career in the League of Legends scene. With each scene paying homage to significant moments in his journey, viewers are reminded of Deft's perseverance, remarkable talents, and the battles that shaped him into the World Champion he is today.

Through subtle references, heartfelt emotions, and inspiring victories, the music video captures the trials and tribulations that Deft endured throughout his professional career. It serves as a tribute not only to Deft but to all the dedicated fans who have supported him and followed his story over the years. 'Gods' is a celebration of triumph, highlighting the impact of perseverance, friendship, and the pursuit of greatness in the world of esports.

As 'Gods' resonates with the League of Legends community, it stands as a testament to the legacy of Deft and the profound impact he has had on the game. Whether you've been a fan from the beginning or are just discovering his story, this music video is a must-watch that will fill you with a sense of nostalgia, joy, and admiration.


What is the significance of the alpaca plush in Deft's room?

The alpaca plush in Deft's room is a humorous nod to Caster Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles' comparison of Deft to an alpaca due to their physical resemblance. It showcases Deft's fun and quirky personality, adding charm and relatability to his character in the music video.

Did Deft and Faker really attend the same high school?

Yes, Deft and Faker, two prominent figures in the League of Legends scene, attended the same high school, Mapo High School, in South Korea. The music video presents a heartwarming moment that highlights their connection and the parallel journeys they embarked on to become professional esports players.

What was the significance of DRX's victory at Worlds 2022?

DRX's victory at Worlds 2022 was a monumental moment in League of Legends esports history. Making history as a Play-In team, DRX defied expectations and conquered the toughest of challenges, including a thrilling showdown against Deft's former schoolmate, Faker, and his team, T1. The triumph showcased their resilience, skill, and the enduring pursuit of greatness.

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