DUSK's HD Texture Pack Coming Soon: Embrace the Nostalgia

Experience the thrill of the 90s with the highly anticipated release of the HD texture pack for DUSK. Join us as we delve into the details of this free addition that promises to enhance your nostalgic gameplay. From the beloved indie developer David Szymanski comes an exciting opportunity to revitalize your shooting experience with DUSK's HD texture pack. Let's explore what awaits us in this exquisite recreation of the classic!

DUSK's HD Texture Pack: Enhancing the 90s Gaming Experience

Discover the exciting details about DUSK's HD texture pack and how it promises to enhance the nostalgic 90s gaming experience.

DUSK, the beloved boomer shooter game, takes a step further into the 90s with the upcoming HD texture pack. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia as the low-quality textures make way for a high-definition overhaul. Strap in as we explore how this latest addition revitalizes the gaming experience you know and love.

The Story Behind the HD Texture Pack

Uncover the unique story behind DUSK's HD texture pack and how it went from being against the traditional low-quality aesthetic to a stunning addition.

The HD texture pack for DUSK was born from the collaboration between New Blood Interactive and one of the well-known members of the DUSK community named Garumin. Despite original reservations, creator David Szymanski and New Blood head David Oshry were blown away by the HD mod's showcase. Witness the unexpected journey that led to the integration of this spectacular mod into the game.

Customizing Your Experience

Explore the options available to tailor your DUSK gameplay by enabling or disabling the HD texture pack or trying out the 'demastered' Amiga or ZX Spectrum version.

If you have a preference for the vintage aesthetics of the original game, worry not! The HD texture pack can be easily disabled through the options menu, allowing you to enjoy the classic low-quality visuals. But if you're seeking a complete flashback to bygone eras, DUSK '82 offers a 'demastered' version that perfectly captures the essence of systems like the Amiga and ZX Spectrum.

A Free Gift for DUSK Players

Learn about the exciting news that the HD texture pack for DUSK will be provided as a free addition, ensuring everyone can enjoy the enhanced graphical experience.

Great news! The HD texture pack for DUSK is not only a marvelous addition but also completely free of charge. That's right, whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the boomer shooter genre, DUSK grants you access to an upgraded graphical experience at no extra cost. Dive into the fast-paced action without having to reach for your wallet!


The upcoming release of the HD texture pack for DUSK is an exciting development for fans of the boomer shooter genre. By offering players the option to enhance their gaming experience with high-definition graphics, DUSK nods to its nostalgic roots while embracing the modern era. Whether you prefer the classic low-quality textures or crave an immersive journey through the 'demastered' edition, DUSK has you covered. Get ready for dramatic visuals that beautifully capture the spirit of the 90s.


Can I disable the HD texture pack if I prefer the original low-quality visuals?

Absolutely! DUSK understands that each player has their individual preferences. With the upcoming HD texture pack, you have the option to enable or disable it through the options menu, allowing you to switch between the enhanced graphics and the original low-quality aesthetics.

Will the HD texture pack come at an extra cost?

No, it won't! The HD texture pack for DUSK will be provided as a free addition. Whether you've been a dedicated player or are just discovering this gem of a game, you can enjoy the upgrade in graphical fidelity without any additional charges.

What is the 'demastered' version of DUSK?

The 'demastered' version of DUSK, aptly named DUSK '82, offers a unique experience inspired by systems like the Amiga and ZX Spectrum. It strips away the advancements of modern graphics, transporting you back to the nostalgic era of gaming with its original aesthetics. If you crave a truly authentic throwback, DUSK '82 is the perfect choice.

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