Disney Speedstorm: A Thrilling Kart Racing Game with Your Favorite Disney Characters

Get ready for the ultimate kart racing experience with Disney Speedstorm! Developed and published by Gameloft, this free-to-play game brings together a star-studded cast of Disney and Pixar characters, including Mickey Mouse, Sulley, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Mulan. Whether you're a fan of classic Disney or the latest Pixar films, this game has something for everyone. Join me as we dive into the thrilling world of Disney Speedstorm and discover the exhilaration of racing against players from around the globe.

Choose Your Favorite Disney and Pixar Characters

Join iconic Disney and Pixar characters in the ultimate kart racing game

Disney Speedstorm brings together a diverse cast of beloved Disney and Pixar characters. From the timeless charm of Mickey Mouse to the hilarious antics of Sulley from Monsters, Inc., and the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, there's a character for everyone to root for.

Each character has their own unique abilities and playstyle, adding an extra layer of strategy to the races. Whether you prefer the speed and agility of Mulan or the brute strength of Wreck-It Ralph, choose your favorite character and get ready to race!

Experience Thrilling Multiplayer Modes

Compete against players from around the world in various multiplayer modes

Disney Speedstorm offers a range of exhilarating multiplayer modes to test your racing skills. Take on the challenge of Ranked Multiplayer and climb the leaderboards as you compete against players of similar skill levels.

If you prefer a more casual experience, jump into Regulated Multiplayer and enjoy fun-filled races with players of all levels. Want to race with your friends? Create a Private Track lobby and invite them for some friendly competition.

And for those who want to challenge their friends in person, the Local Freeplay mode allows you to race against each other in split-screen multiplayer. The options are endless, ensuring that every race is a unique and exciting experience.

Unleash Power-Ups and Master the Tracks

Utilize power-ups and navigate through thrilling Disney and Pixar-inspired tracks

In Disney Speedstorm, it's not just about speed and skill. Power-ups play a crucial role in races, allowing you to gain an edge over your opponents. From rockets and shields to speed boosts and traps, there's a wide variety of power-ups to discover and utilize strategically.

As you race through the high-speed circuits inspired by iconic Disney and Pixar worlds, you'll encounter challenging obstacles, twists, and turns. Mastering the tracks is essential to securing victory. Learn the shortcuts, optimize your racing lines, and adapt to the ever-changing environments to stay ahead of the competition.

Crossplay and Online Community

Connect with players worldwide and showcase your racing skills

Disney Speedstorm features crossplay, allowing you to race against players from different platforms. Whether you're playing on a mobile device, console, or PC, you can compete with friends and players worldwide.

Join the vibrant online community, share your achievements, and engage in friendly competition. Form racing clubs, participate in tournaments, and show off your skills to establish yourself as a top racer in the Disney Speedstorm world.

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