Discover Under-the-Radar Streamers Redefining the Gaming World

Welcome to Refinery29's guide to the best under-the-radar streamers who are reshaping the gaming landscape. Join us as we explore the world of gaming through the eyes of these talented individuals who are pushing boundaries, advocating for inclusivity, and making a difference in the industry.

TiffanyLockheart: Breaking Stereotypes in the Gaming World

Discover TiffanyLockheart, a trailblazing streamer who challenges stereotypes and advocates for inclusivity in the gaming community.

TiffanyLockheart, a video editor and Capcom Creator, is making waves in the gaming world. As a passionate gamer addicted to MMOs, she understands the stigma and unfair treatment that women face in the industry. Through her channel, TiffanyLockheart proves that women belong in gaming and shouldn't have to constantly prove themselves.

With a focus on Capcom games like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter, TiffanyLockheart creates a safe and fun space for gamers to come together. She challenges the status quo and inspires others to embrace their love for gaming without fear of judgment.

Jupiverse: Cozy Indie Games and LGBTQIA+ Activism

Explore Jupiverse's channel, where cozy indie games meet LGBTQIA+ activism and whimsical storytelling.

If you're in search of cozy vibes and whimsical storytelling, Jupiverse is the streamer for you. As a bisexual Latina actress, Jupiverse combines her love for gaming with theater and voice acting, creating a unique and captivating streaming experience.

But Jupiverse's channel is more than just gaming. She uses her platform to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and has raised thousands of dollars for organizations like the Trans Empowerment Project. Join Jupiverse as she creates a warm and inclusive community while playing her favorite indie games.

Evolcigam: Embracing Inclusivity and Intersectionality in Gaming

Discover Evolcigam, a high-energy streamer who promotes inclusivity, intersectionality, and improved representation in the gaming world.

Evolcigam, also known as "magic love" backwards, is a bi, neurodivergent Latina streamer who brings a unique perspective to the gaming community. While she may not consider herself the best at video games, Evolcigam's passion for gaming shines through in her high-energy streams.

She actively highlights the importance of inclusivity and intersectionality in gaming, striving for improved representation and acceptance. Beyond gaming, Evolcigam is also an author and fosters kittens, showcasing her diverse interests and commitment to making a positive impact.

Willow: Embracing Identity and Retro Gaming

Join Willow as she explores her identity, embraces retro gaming, and shares her journey as an aspiring voice actress.

Willow's gaming journey began with classic Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Now, she brings her love for retro gaming to her streams, answering viewer questions about gender, sexuality, and transitioning.

As an aspiring voice actress, Willow also shares her vocal work journey on her channel. With a warm and welcoming personality, she creates a safe space for discussions about identity and gaming, all while enjoying the nostalgia of retro games.

Vana: From Video Game Store to Full-Time Streaming

Explore Vana's world of indie games, crafting, and tabletop RPGs as she shares her passion for gaming and supports fellow creators.

Vana's love for gaming started at a young age, as her parents owned a video game store. Now, as a full-time streamer, she shares her passion for indie games, crafting, and tabletop RPGs with her community.

With a humorous and laid-back approach, Vana not only showcases her favorite games but also shines a spotlight on other gaming creators she admires. Additionally, she hosts a Dungeons & Dragons show called Higher Education, adding another layer of excitement to her content.

Obsessed with Pop Culture? PlayWithMae is Your Virtual BFF

Join PlayWithMae as she dives into her favorite TV shows, movies, and comfy games, while discussing topics like mental health and anxiety.

If you're a pop culture enthusiast looking for a virtual BFF, PlayWithMae is the streamer for you. She shares her current favorite titles, from TV shows to movies, and creates a cozy atmosphere while playing "comfy" games like The Sims 4 and Disney Dreamlight Valley.

But PlayWithMae's channel goes beyond entertainment. She touches on important topics like mental health and anxiety, creating a safe space for discussions and support. Join PlayWithMae as she combines her love for pop culture with meaningful conversations.

ohinova: A Hilarious and Sarcastic Gaming Experience

Prepare for a dose of sarcasm and humor with ohinova's hilarious variety streams, covering adventure, horror games, and more.

If you're in need of some laughter, ohinova's channel is the place to be. As a full-time variety streamer, she infuses her sense of humor into everything she does, from adventure and decision-based games to horror titles like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

ohinova's content is not limited to gaming. She engages in breezy conversations about delicious food, queerness, buzzy movies, cool makeup, and nostalgia. With a supportive and diverse community by her side, ohinova creates a space where everyone can laugh and have a great time.

QueenTenae: A Safe and Chill Space for Gamers

Join QueenTenae's community for a safe, comforting, and inclusive gaming experience, while celebrating women's rap and empowerment.

QueenTenae's love for gaming started in her childhood, passed down from her father. Now, as a partnered Twitch and YouTube streamer, she creates a safe and chill space for anyone seeking a comforting gaming community.

But QueenTenae's channel is more than just gaming. She celebrates women's rap and highlights the influential women who have shaped her life. Join QueenTenae as she combines her passion for gaming with empowering discussions and a supportive environment.

KokoNata: Where Gaming Meets Music and Self-Care

Experience the delightful combination of gaming and music with KokoNata's variety streams, while exploring topics like self-care and chronic illness.

KokoNata's channel offers a unique blend of gaming and music. With a love for open-world fantasy games like Baldur's Gate 3, she serenades her audience with delightful singing during her streams.

But KokoNata's content goes beyond gaming. She discusses important topics like self-care, chronic illness, and imposter syndrome, creating a positive environment for her viewers. Join KokoNata as she combines her passions and creates a space for meaningful conversations.

OMJess: A True Variety Streamer with a Dash of Karaoke

Join OMJess as she brings a healthy dose of sarcasm, karaoke bursts, and variety gaming to her channel, all while fostering a diverse community.

OMJess is a true variety streamer who brings her sense of humor to everything she does. From random karaoke bursts to playing games like Dead by Daylight, she keeps her audience entertained with her witty and sarcastic style.

But OMJess's content goes beyond gaming. She engages in conversations about delicious food, queerness, buzzy movies, cool makeup, and more. With a focus on fostering and supporting a diverse community, OMJess creates a space where everyone can feel welcome and entertained.

Knimbley: Embracing the Quiet Ones in the Gaming Community

Discover Knimbley, a streamer who empowers and encourages the quietest, most soft-spoken individuals to embrace their love for gaming.

Knimbley understands the struggles of being shy and introverted. As someone who spent their childhood immersed in stories at libraries, Knimbley wants to show others that there is a place for them in the gaming community.

Through deep dives into the lores of various RPGs like Dragon Quest XI, Knimbley creates a welcoming space for those who may not feel comfortable in more extroverted gaming environments. Additionally, Knimbley hosts the Ethereal Femme: Lorekeeper podcast, providing even more opportunities for quiet gamers to connect and engage.

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