Discover the Lore of Lethal Company: A Guide to Finding Data Logs

Are you ready to uncover the secrets of Lethal Company? In this guide, we will take you on a journey through the game's immersive lore by helping you find all the data logs. These logs, created by Sigurd, a former employee of the Company, offer a glimpse into a Lovecraftian-inspired world. Join me, Michael Thompson, as we explore the hidden corners of Lethal Company and uncover its dark and intriguing backstory.

Unveiling the First Data Log: Sigurd's Discovery

Learn how to unlock the first data log and delve into Sigurd's intriguing discovery.

Discover the Lore of Lethal Company: A Guide to Finding Data Logs - 547019213

To begin your journey into the lore of Lethal Company, you must unlock the first data log created by Sigurd. Simply type 'Sigurd' into the Terminal command prompt, and the log will be revealed. This initial entry sets the stage for the dark and mysterious world you are about to explore.

Data Log Locations: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the whereabouts of all 12 data logs in Lethal Company and unravel the secrets they hold.

Exploring the vast corporate space of Lethal Company, you will come across 12 data logs scattered throughout the game. These logs provide snippets of lore and backstory inspired by Lovecraftian horror tradition. Let's dive into each location and uncover the hidden stories they hold:

1. Smells here! (Assurance)

As you venture through Assurance, keep an eye out for this well-hidden data log. It may require some parkour skills to reach, but the lore it reveals is worth the effort.

2. Swing of things (Experimentation)

In the Experimentation area, you'll find this data log tucked away in a corner. Look for the distinctive blue cassette tape and prepare to discover more about the Company's experiments.

3. Shady (Experimentation)

Another data log awaits you in Experimentation. This one is cleverly hidden, so keep your eyes peeled for any clues that might lead you to its location.

4. Sound behind the wall (The Company Building)

As you explore The Company Building, listen closely for any strange sounds. Behind one of the walls, you'll find a data log that reveals unsettling secrets about the Company's operations.

5. Screams (Vow and March)

Vow and March holds a data log that will send shivers down your spine. Follow the eerie sounds to uncover the truth behind the screams.

6. Nonsense (Rend)

In the desolate area of Rend, you'll stumble upon a data log filled with cryptic messages. Decipher the nonsense and unlock a piece of the Company's dark history.

The Unknown Logs: Unraveling the Mystery

Explore the mystery of the unknown data logs in Lethal Company and speculate on their hidden contents.

While we have uncovered 12 data logs in Lethal Company, there are still seven unknown logs waiting to be discovered. Although their locations remain a mystery, datamining has provided us with glimpses of their contents:

  • Golden planet: A log that hints at a celestial discovery beyond imagination.
  • Goodbye: A farewell message that raises questions about what happened to the author.
  • Idea: A log filled with groundbreaking ideas that could change the Company's future.
  • Hiding: Secrets and hidden agendas are hinted at in this log.
  • Desmond: Who is Desmond, and what role does he play in the Company's sinister plans?

Speculate with us as we eagerly await the discovery of these unknown logs and the revelations they will bring.

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