Breaking the Losing Streak: Southern Miss Golden Eagles vs Milwaukee Panthers

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles (2-4) are determined to break their three-game losing streak as they take on the Milwaukee Panthers (3-3) in a thrilling college basketball showdown. Join us as we dive into the details of this highly anticipated matchup and find out how you can catch all the action live on ESPN+!

Overview of the Matchup

Get a glimpse into the highly anticipated college basketball showdown between the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and the Milwaukee Panthers.

Breaking the Losing Streak: Southern Miss Golden Eagles vs Milwaukee Panthers - -577503695

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles (2-4) are gearing up to face off against the Milwaukee Panthers (3-3) in an exciting college basketball matchup. Both teams are hungry for a win, with the Golden Eagles looking to break their three-game losing streak and the Panthers aiming to continue their winning momentum.

This game, scheduled to take place at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, promises to be a thrilling battle between two competitive teams. Fans can expect a display of skill, determination, and intense basketball action.

Milwaukee's Shooting Efficiency

Explore Milwaukee Panthers' shooting efficiency and its impact on their overall performance.

One key aspect to watch out for in this matchup is Milwaukee's shooting efficiency. The Panthers have maintained a shooting percentage of 38.4% from the field this season, slightly lower than their opponents' shooting percentage of 38.9% against the Golden Eagles.

When Milwaukee shoots above 38.9% from the field, they have a perfect 2-0 record. Their ability to convert their shots efficiently will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the game against Southern Miss.

Rebounding Battle: Panthers vs Golden Eagles

Delve into the rebounding battle between the Milwaukee Panthers and the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

Rebounding will be a key factor in this matchup, with the Panthers currently ranked 120th in the nation for rebounding, while the Golden Eagles sit at 167th. Both teams will be vying for control of the boards to gain an advantage.

The ability to secure rebounds and limit second-chance opportunities for the opponent can significantly impact the flow of the game. Watch out for the battle under the basket as both teams fight for rebounds and strive to gain an edge.

Offensive Prowess: Panthers' Scoring vs Golden Eagles' Defense

Analyze the offensive prowess of the Milwaukee Panthers and the defensive strength of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

The Panthers have been displaying an impressive offensive performance, averaging 75.3 points per game. On the other hand, the Golden Eagles have a strong defensive record, allowing only 60.8 points per game.

When Milwaukee manages to score above 60.8 points, they have a 3-3 record. The clash between the Panthers' scoring ability and the Golden Eagles' defensive prowess will be a captivating aspect of the game.

Home Court Advantage: Milwaukee's Performance

Discover the impact of home court advantage on the Milwaukee Panthers' performance.

Last season, the Milwaukee Panthers showcased a stronger offensive performance when playing at home, averaging 84.8 points per game compared to 69.3 points per game in away games.

Additionally, their three-point shooting percentage improved at home, with a 38.4% success rate compared to 32.1% on the road. The UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena provides a boost to the Panthers, and they will look to leverage their home court advantage against Southern Miss.

Upcoming Schedule and Exciting Matchups

Take a look at the upcoming schedule for the Milwaukee Panthers and the exciting matchups that lie ahead.

After the game against Southern Miss, the Milwaukee Panthers have an exciting lineup of matchups. They will face off against Green Bay at the Resch Center on December 2nd, followed by a game against St. Thomas at Schoenecker Arena on December 6th.

These upcoming games present opportunities for the Panthers to showcase their skills and continue their pursuit of victory. Fans can look forward to more thrilling basketball action in the days to come.

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