BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the exciting world of Counter-Strike 2 esports! The BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 is just around the corner, and it promises to be a thrilling event. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the tournament format, introduce the top eight teams competing, reveal the complete schedule, and provide all the information you need to know about where to watch the action unfold. So, gear up and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled showdown!

Tournament Format: Group Stage and Playoffs

Discover the exciting format of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023

The BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 follows a thrilling tournament format that consists of two phases: the Group Stage and the Playoffs.

In the Group Stage, the eight top-tier CS2 teams are divided into two double-elimination groups. All matches are played in a best-of-three format. The top three teams from each group advance to the Playoffs, with the winners moving on to the Semifinals, the second-place teams becoming Upper Bracket seeds in the Quarterfinals, and the third-place teams becoming Low Seeds in the Quarterfinals.

The Playoffs feature a single-elimination format, with six teams competing. Again, all matches are best-of-three. The winner of the Playoffs secures a spot in the prestigious BLAST Premier World Final, set to begin in December.

Meet the Competing Teams

Get to know the top eight S-Tier teams participating in the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023

The BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 brings together the best of the best in the CS2 esports scene. Let's take a closer look at the eight competing teams:


BlameF, Buzz, dev1ce, Staehr, b0RUP


Ax1Le, HObbit, electroNic, Perfecto, Boombl4

Complexity Gaming

JT, floppy, Grim, hallzerk, EliGE

FaZe Clan

Rain, broky, Twistzz, ropz, karrigan


TeSeS, sjuush, dupreeh, cadiaN, Zyphon

Natus Vincere

B1t, Aleksib, jL, iM, w0nderful

Ninjas in Pyjamas

REZ, es3tag, headtr1ck, ALEX, k0nfig

Team Vitality

ApEX, ZywOo, Spinx, flameZ, mezii

Mark Your Calendar: Schedule of Events

Stay updated with the complete schedule of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023

The BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 is a compact event that kicks off on November 22 and concludes on November 26. Here's a breakdown of the schedule:

Group A:

FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas

Group B:

Team Vitality, Complexity Gaming, Astralis, Heroic

The Quarterfinals will take place on November 24, followed by the Semifinals on November 25. The Grand Final will be held on November 26.

Venue and Where to Watch

Find out where the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 will take place and how to watch the action

The BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 will be held at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. This iconic venue has a seating capacity of 16,000 people, creating an electric atmosphere for the tournament.

If you can't make it to the event in person, don't worry! You can catch all the thrilling matches on the official BLASTPremier Twitch channel. Additionally, an English-speaking YouTube broadcast will be available for your viewing pleasure. For fans in Russia or China, region-specific live streams will ensure that no one misses out on the action.

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